The basic assumption is that no first-responders (fire, ems, police, utilities) will be available immediately following an emergency.

Along with forms, guides, checklists, etc., the site includes descriptions of the methods being used and their origins, along with goals and objectives and how to measure progress.


The focus here is on neighborhood emergency preparedness.

However, neighborhood emergency capabilities are dependent on individual and household preparedness, so those capabilities are included.

In addition, the ability of neighborhoods to survive, if not prosper from a disaster, can easily depend on community resources and plans, so those capabilities are also included.

Regional, and out of region resources are included for reference, but are not part of the primary focus of this grass-roots preparedness effort.

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Emergency Preparedness
Scope Plan Resources
Out of Region    
Community   x
Neighborhood Neighborhood Plan Neighborhood Resources
Household x x
Individual x x

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Animals In Disaster

Workshop materials and handouts focused on animals in a disaster here